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Fence Board Repairs

It’s happened to pretty much all of us. Even though you had a high quality fence installed, it is still prone to weather related, or sometimes accidental damage. Fence repair can be a low cost alternative to replacing a fence. If your fence ends up with a very small crack or small hole, it can be repaired with wood filler. Keep in mind, the wood filler will be visible, unless it’s painted over. One of the common smaller fence repair issues is a broken a split board. This can happen from various causes. Maybe kid next door was playing catch and a baseball got away from him. Sometimes a hail storm came through and busted out a few boards. Depending on the size of the crack or hole, it is usually a good idea to just replace the board. Fence Boards are usually either screwed on or nailed so they can be removed by gently hitting the board with a hammer from the opposite side that the nail went in from. If it was screwed in, than you can use a small power driver or even a hand screw driver and back out all the screws. If your fence was attached by screws, you can likely reuse the same screws for the new board. If it was nailed on, you may want to use new nails when you replace the fence board. In some cases, you may need to remove the top trim piece in order to get the board all the way out. Once you have the board removed, measure it and take a picture of it, and find a replacement board at your local home improvement store.

Fence Post Repair

The next type of fence repair is a post repair. If you’ve noticed that your fence is no longer standing straight up, then you may have a loose or broken fence post. This is a slightly larger repair. However,if the rest of your fence is in good condition, and less than 20% of it is damaged, than a post repair might be your best option. A post repair is typically done by removing either sections of the fence that are attached the the affected post. Then the damaged fence post is dug up discarded. Concrete will be poured into the post hole, and a fence repair specialist will properly insert and align the new post into the ground. This requires great skill and proper bracing to ensure a straight installation. Once the new post is set and the concrete has fully dried, then the existing sections will be reattached to the new fence post.

Information on Fence Repair

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