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Fence Replacement – The Benefits of Replacing that old Fence

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Improve Curb Appeal with a New Privacy Fence

Fence Replacement is a very quick way of completely transforming a backyard. A dull, gray fence with a sagging gate and broken or split boards will affect the overall look of any backyard. It doesn’t matter how green your lawn is, how clean the patio is, or how nice the pool looks. Your fence is the border that sets the tone for the entire feel of the yard. Getting a fence replacement from a reputable fence company will bring your backyard back to life. A good fence company will guide you throughout the entire process of your new purchase. They will give you options for height, material type, colors, stain options, as well as an estimate for the fence replacement costs. This will also improve the overall value of the home if you ever choose to put it on the market.

Fence Replacement Cost

Fence Replacement for Improved Security

When your fence ages, it becomes weaker, and more prone to damages. Since most typical fences are made from natural materials such as wood, they are prone to weathering. An old fence will typically have holes, missing boards, broken boards, and gates that no longer function properly. This makes your property vulnerable to unwanted visitors such as criminals and trespassers. By having your old fence replaced, nosey neighbors or potential criminals will no longe be able to see your valuable belongings through the holes or missing boards. Having a new gate that has a functional latch and lock will secure the point of entry to your property. If you want to improve the security aspect of your new fence, 2 ways to do that are to go with a taller fence height, and to choose the board on board option. Having a board on board fence will improve the strength, as well as eliminating any gaps for people to see into your yard.

Increase Your Property Value

Last but not least, having a fence replacement done prior to putting a house on the market will increase the resale value of the property. Having a new, privacy wooden fence installed will usually gain at least a 50% profit margin of the materials and labor. So in addition to improving curb appeal, and gaining security, replacing a fence is also a money maker. If you’ve got an old fence and you’re considering a replacement, keep these things in mind.

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