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Residential Wood Fence

Austin Fence Company is available to help you with your commercial fence estimate. One of the industry leaders in quality and pricing for commercial chain link fence installation, privacy fence, ornamental or wrought iron fences. We are a trustworthy fence contractor!

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Commercial Fence Costs in Austin TX- Estimates

The cost of your fence varies depending on the materials used, height, and size of the fencing. We understand that deciding to install fencing is a big decision. Our goal is to provide you with honest and dependable fencing cost information to assist you in budgeting for your project and selecting the best fence for your needs.

Fencing Costs: A Few Factors to Consider

When considering a fence project, there are four primary factors to consider:

  • Is this a new fence or a replacement for existing fencing?
  • How long do you want your fence to last?
  • On what kind of terrain is the fencing being built?
  • Is a permit needed to construct fencing?

If you have an ideal type of fence, like a chain link, and are ready for a new look of wood, you will need to replace the existing fencing to get the aesthetic you want. Sometimes personal preferences come into play, and they take precedence over cost and time spent. 

Before constructing any fence, ensure that you’re only installing it on your property and have the necessary permits. You can get the boundaries of your property in writing by consulting with a land surveyor. If you want to put up a fence on your neighbor’s property, talk to them first and see if they agree that the fencing is acceptable to them.

A permit is required in some cities and municipalities to build a new fence. Check with your local permitting office to see if you need one to begin your project. Most permits to install fencing come with fees, so keep this in mind when calculating your budget.

Commercial Fence Repair Estimate

You will most likely want the most cost-effective option. Estimating the cost of repair will depend on how damaged your fence is. Wood fences will last longer if they are cared for, treated, or stained. With a fence contract, Austin Fence Company can provide a warranty upgrade for your fences.

Providing your commercial property with safety and security is our top priority. Give us a call for any questions, or to schedule an estimate with one of our customer service representatives today!

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