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If you need a new fence or need repairs on an existing one, we Austin fence company can assist you. We have been in the fencing business for decades and have extensive experience erecting various types of fences. Call us at (512) 900-5735 to learn more about how we can assist you in designing and installing the ideal fencing that you want.

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Important Fence Guidelines

The height of a fence shall be at least 6 feet if commercial land use is next to a lot for residential use. If your fencing is for commercial or land use, it’s proposed that the fencing is built along the rear lot line and the front lot line to the point of the residential or lot front yard set-off. Except where the commercial lot front yard is used for off-street car parking, the provisions of chapter 122 of the City Code shall be applying to off-track car park areas.

Discrepancies for residential properties aren’t hard to come by. Any of our fencing estimators will be happy to answer any questions you have about the current building code for fences and gates.

Among the most common regulations are:

  • Pool fences must be at least 48 inches tall, measured from the ground on the side away from the pool.
  • Gates must be self-closing, self-latching, lockable, and open outward from the pool yard.
  • Openings under the pool enclosure may not allow a four-inch-diameter sphere to pass through.

The materials like wood, plastic, metal, imitation stone or concrete, or any other material not made of stone, brick, or masonry aren’t allowed for use in the construction as separating fence between commercial and residential use. The architectural design and materials used to construct commercial fencing must be compatible with the main building if fencing is an accessory.

The masonry fencing construction must have approvals and construction plans approved by the Department of Community Development; it must undergo all necessary inspections as determined by the Chief Inspector, and it must be reinforced to the point where it is unlikely to collapse in adverse weather conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, steel refurbishment, concrete reinforcement, and any other measures to ensure stable conditions and fence longevity.

There are many other regulations on fence heights and where fences can be constructed, and every rule has an exception.

Providing continued safety and security is our top priority. Give us a call for any questions, or to schedule a commercial fencing estimate with one of our customer service representatives today!

Our current inspection service areas include: