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We are one of the best fence contractors and fence experts available to Austin, TX residents. We install and maintain commercial fencing for businesses, schools, childcare centers, and other institutions.

If you need expert assistance with retaining fence installation, Austin Fence Company is your one-stop fence contractor!

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There are many different materials to choose from when getting a commercial fence for your property. Let our experts help you decide on what will work best for your needs.

We provide commercial fencing custom design, installation, and maintenance services for businesses, schools, childcare centers, and other institutions.

Take a look at our commercial fencing solutions if you want to add safety, security, and style to your office or organization. With our high-quality fencing solutions, we hope to protect your assets.

Austin Fence Company creates a blueprint for your surroundings, executes the plan, and completes the work within the agreed-upon scope and budget. We are committed to meeting your commercial fencing needs. Customer satisfaction is a must for us!


The benefit of commercial fencing and gates in Austin is the additional value to a property. There are numerous advantages to having a quality fence, whether it is commercial metal fencing, wood fencing, or another design:

  • Enhance the usability of your entrances and exits.
  • Increase your security.
  • Take comfort in knowing that your fence will withstand severe weather with ease.
  • Improve your location’s curb appeal
  • Investment-grade protection

We have more commercial fence services to offer

If you’re looking for the best commercial fence company in Austin, TX, look no further than Austin Fence Company. We not only have a large selection of well-built, durable, and appealing designs, but we also do more than just fences. Talk to us about pillars, pergolas, and trellises, as well as any custom wood structure you require. Explore the options on our page before contacting us to discuss your specific requirements.

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Providing safety and security for your commercial property is our top priority. Give us a call for any questions, or to schedule an installation with one of our customer service representatives today!

Our current service areas for commercial fencing include:

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