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Commercial Fence Replacement

When and how to proceed with commercial fence replacement is an important decision for a business to maintain safety and security for its employees and assets.

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Residential Wood Fence

Of course, fences will eventually reach the end of their useful life due to general damage from weather.

A fence may be damaged beyond repair due to severe weather or an accident, necessitating an unplanned replacement. However, your fencing must improve to meet the changing needs or purpose of your fence. Whatever the reason for your commercial fence’s replacement, Austin Fence Company has the team, tools, and experience to complete a commercial fence replacement that meets your exact specifications.

Using a New Fencing Solution to Replace an Existing Commercial Fence

Meet our commercial fence replacement team to go over the parameters and specifications for your new fence. Based on your fence security and appearance requirements, as well as your budget concerns, we will plan a timely and cost-effective fencing solution. 

Fence Repair Experts


If your commercial operation requires a fence replacement, new fence installation, or expanded fence, contact Austin Fence Company. We offer the replacement of commercial fencing to make your property safer, more secure, and more appealing by providing high-quality fencing solutions. Working with our fencing experts, choose a fence type and design that complements the exterior aspects and features of the building.

We can also discuss the home-style security measures that each type of fence provides to help you choose what’s best for your property. We understand that businesses strive to ensure the safety of their employees and the security of their assets. Call us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your fence replacement needs.

Fence Installation


Our team of fence contractors has extensive experience with quality fence replacement in the Austin area. We understand what to look for and how to get the best results for your commercial fence replacement. We know that removing an old fence and installing a new one can be a difficult task, we can make the entire process simple and stress-free. Our goal is to provide you with the best commercial fencing needs possible.

Contact a member of our quality controllers today to discuss the commercial fencing services options available to you.

Continuing to provide your commercial property with safety and security is our top priority. Give us a call for any questions, or to schedule a replacement with one of our customer service representatives today!

Our current fence replacement service for commercial areas include: