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Lively Middle School

Lively Middle School

The experience at Lively Middle School, which is located at 201 E Mary St in Austin, Texas, is everything from depressing. Middle school can be a challenging period for many students. With a dynamic curriculum and a welcoming school community, Lively Middle School shines with enthusiasm and energy in the heart of the city. Lively Middle School is committed to inspiring a love of learning in every student who enters its doors, from its state-of-the-art facilities to its passionate teachers and staff.

Lively Middle School pushes its students to think critically and creatively, explore novel concepts and points of view, and develop the abilities necessary for success in high school and beyond. With a focus on academic excellence as well as social and emotional development, Lively Middle School offers children a well-rounded education that equips them for success in all facets of their lives.

Academic Programs and Curriculum Offered at Lively Middle School

Lively Middle School in Austin, Texas, offers a variety of academic activities as well as a rigorous curriculum designed to prepare students for high school and beyond. The following academic programs and courses are available at Lively Middle School:

  • Advanced Academic Services: For children who require additional challenges in the classroom, Lively Middle School provides advanced academic services. This program is intended to assist academically bright and talented students.
  • Dual-Language Program: The dual-language program at Lively Middle School teaches students to speak, read, and write in both English and Spanish. This curriculum assists students in becoming multilingual while also preparing them for a global workforce.
  • STEM Education: STEM education is emphasized at Lively Middle School, which includes classes in science, technology, engineering, and math. Through hands-on projects and activities, students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Fine Arts Program: Students at Lively Middle School can express themselves creatively via painting, music, and theater classes in the Fine Arts Department.
  • Physical Education: Lively Middle School’s Physical Education classes assist students improve their motor skills, coordination, and overall fitness.
  • Special Education: Students with impairments can get special education programs at Lively Middle School. Over at this website
  • Electives: Lively Middle School provides a variety of elective courses to students, including foreign languages, journalism, robotics, and more.

The curriculum at Lively Middle School is designed to suit the requirements of all students and to offer a solid basis for their future education and careers.

Extracurricular Activities Available for Students at Lively Middle School

Lively Middle School provides its kids with a wide selection of extracurricular activities. These programs allow students to explore their interests and improve abilities outside of the classroom. Here are some of the extracurricular activities available to Lively Middle School students:

  • Sports Teams

Lively Middle School has a range of sports teams for students to participate in. These include basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, track and field, and more. Sports teams help students develop physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

  • Music Programs

Music programs at Lively Middle School include choir, band, and orchestra. Students can learn to play various musical instruments and participate in performances. These programs help students develop creativity, discipline, and a sense of accomplishment.

  • Academic Clubs

Lively Middle School offers several academic clubs for students interested in subjects like science, math, history, and literature. These clubs provide opportunities for students to learn more about these subjects, participate in competitions, and develop critical thinking skills.

Lively Middle School

  • Community Service Clubs

Community service clubs at Lively Middle School give students the chance to participate in volunteer work and make a positive impact in their community. These clubs provide students with opportunities to develop leadership skills, empathy, and a sense of responsibility.

  • Art Programs

Art programs at Lively Middle School include drawing, painting, sculpture, and more. Students can express their creativity and develop their artistic abilities through these programs.

School Policies and Code of Conduct at Lively Middle School

Lively Middle School has implemented several policies and a code of conduct to maintain a safe and respectful learning environment for all students. The school’s policies and code of conduct are designed to promote positive behaviors, prevent negative behaviors, and provide consequences for violations. Navigate here

The school’s policies cover a wide range of topics, including academic integrity, attendance, dress code, bullying, and substance abuse. The code of conduct outlines expected behaviors for students, such as being respectful to others, following school rules, and taking responsibility for their actions.

In addition to these policies and code of conduct, Lively Middle School has a team of dedicated staff members who work to ensure that all students feel safe, supported, and included. The school encourages open communication between students, teachers, and parents to address any concerns or issues that may arise.

By adhering to the school’s policies and code of conduct, students can develop a strong sense of responsibility and accountability, while also contributing to a positive learning environment for all.

School Safety and Security Measures at Lively Middle School

Lively Middle School prioritizes the safety and security of its students and has implemented several measures to ensure their well-being. Here are some of the school’s safety and security measures:

  • Security Cameras: The school has installed security cameras throughout the building to monitor student activity and identify any potential security threats.
  • Visitor Check-In: All visitors to the school must check in at the front office and provide identification before entering the building.
  • Emergency Procedures: The school has established emergency procedures to respond to different types of emergencies, such as fire drills, lockdowns, and severe weather.
  • Staff Training: The school’s staff members are trained in emergency procedures and crisis management to ensure the safety of all students.

By implementing these safety and security measures, Lively Middle School provides a safe and secure learning environment for its students.

Essential Information About Lively Middle School

Location: 201 E Mary St, Austin, TX 78704, United States

Phone: +15124143207