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Are you looking for high-quality and affordable fencing? Here in the Austin Fence Company, we provide impeccable material that fits not just based on your needs but also bang for your buck.

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We also specialize in all types of fence installations, and our goal is to guarantee you that our service is top of the line in the fencing industry. 

We are a huge company that offers residential, commercial, automation, and custom fences. This shows that our company is a significant competitor in the industry. 

They say that a good customer relationship leads to outstanding work. Over the years, we’ve always listened to our beloved customers. We have created their dream fence that also suits the exterior of their homes. We always make sure our project manager and on-site supervisors deliver quality service and innovative design to meet our customer’s needs. Engaging in this kind of core value over the years made us one of the best Fencing companies in Austin, TX.

Fence Installation

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fence is one of the basic types and is also maintenance-friendly. But, if the security of your home is your top priority, this may not apply. This type of material is only applicable to those who live in areas with a high-security system. Also, it gives you a classic look at a lower cost with a versatile appearance.

Fence Repair Experts

Wood Fence

Wood fence is the most popular among all the fencing types. Wood type is in demand because it provides a warm and welcoming feeling. We offer standard heights from 4 to 8 feet. And this supplies complete privacy at a low cost. Wood fence is also eco-friendly.

Fence Installation

Cedar Cattle Panel Fence

Cedar Cattle Panel Fence designs are more popular in central and south Austin because many homeowners like to build a private garden. One of the best benefits of this fence is preventing your plants from getting destroyed or eaten by unwanted visitors like wildlife animals.

Horizontal and Vertical Cedar Fence

This innovative design changes your old home to a more modern and stylish look. Cedar build is durable and water-resistant, and staining the fence adds more character to your home. 

Access Control Systems 

Access Control Systems is one of the innovative designs that we offer. Most of the time, this design applies in a bigger establishment around Austin, TX. One of our premium features includes heavy-duty gearboxes, solid steel, and enclosure that are vandal-proof. This is one of our advanced technology and security that we can offer up to this today. 

Vinyl Fence 

Vinyl Fence is a type of plastic fence made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The benefits of having this type of fence are minimal maintenance, flexibility, affordability, easy installation, and five-times stronger than wood. This means you will be getting more for your money and it does not decompose like wood or rust like a heavy metal railing. 

Chain Link Fence 

Chain Link Fence is also known as diamond wire mesh. Our materials on this type are stainless steel, galvanized, and OVC soared wire. They are usually suitable in gardens, sports yards, industrial sites, houses, roads, and events for crowd control. 

Custom Fence 

We also offer custom fences. To make it happen, our team will collaborate with clients to identify the specific details they want. And from there, we will break down the financial cost, design, and installation. Also, we consider the client’s budget but still provide good quality materials for long-term usage. 

This is just an overview of all fences that we specialize in over the years eversince we establish Austine Fence Company. Now, have you made up your mind? Or do you want to check more designs? Our website offers more helpful information for you to choose from.

Providing your safety and security is our top priority. Give us a call for any questions, or to schedule an estimate with one of our customer service representatives today!

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